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I am offering an opportunity for your District to take advantage of any sales of my "SSS Club Software" to the clubs in your District.

If you run my advertisement in your newsletter and/or publish it onto your web site and any club which enters "Your Code" at the time of purchase, I will send a check to your district for ten percent (10%) of the software price.  If you decide to run the advertisement, I will need to be mailed a copy of the newsletter and/or sent a link to where I can view it. and if you run the advertisement on your website, send me a link to the website.

If you are interested in doing this, please fill out the form below and I will email you the advertisement with your code imbedded into the ad.  The .jpg formated advertisement measures 1.5" wide x 2" tall. There are many hundreds of clubs located in the USA, Canada, Australia and India (more than 80% of them are Lions Clubs) already using the program and it is very well liked by all.

If you know of other Districts which might be interested in taking advantage of this, please send them to my website to sign up.



Ken Schnable
Schnable's Software Solutions
109 Second Street
La Porte, IN  46350                                 (219) 363-3045


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